Richard Sager



Since 1994, Richard Sager has been creating his own recognizable style of artwork. His work is generally of a large scale, and includes oil paintings, neon works, and ceramic sculpture. Collectors, designers and architects have commissioned his work for residential, commercial and institutional installations. He has worked independently, and has also collaborated with other artists and designers in the creation of installed works.

Richard has studied art and music throughout his life, and has developed a keen appreciation for the forms of nature and the cultures of mankind. His background in design, drawing, and sculpture combined with a passion for human, social, cultural and economic issues and concerns drives his own unique style of artistic interpretation.

Richard lives and works in San Diego, California.


Recent Exhibitions:

  William Merrill Gallery                         Laguna Beach, California

  McNabb Martin Contemporary Art     San Diego, California

  San Diego Art Institute   San Diego, California

 Roberge Gallery   Palm Desert, California

 Ramsden Morrisson Gallery   San Diego, California

 Greyfriars           Sussex, England

 Del Mar Sculpture Garden   Del Mar, California

 Castillo Son Net   Mallorca, Spain

 Frame Maker Gallery   San Diego, California

Balboa Park Face Pic